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Third Party Administration - Enrollment Services

BRMS is a licensed third party employee benefit administrator.

While many TPAs offer these services, it is our technology and our people that set us apart. In addition to our exclusive Virtual Benefits Administration System (Vbas), we pride ourselves on prompt, knowledgeable service with one thing in mind - your best interests.

It is our technology and our people that set us apart.

TPA - Third Party Administrator in California

BRMS is leading TPA (Third Party Administrator) in California. Our TPA company processes insurance claims and certain aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate employers and TPA brokers. TPA handles the claims processing for an employer that self-insures its employees. Thus, the employer is acting as an insurance company and underwrites the risk. . An insurance company may also use a TPA to manage its claims processing, provider networks, utilization review, or membership functions. While some other third-party administrators may operate as units of insurance companies, BRMS is independent.

As a Third party administrator, BRMS also handle many aspects of other employee benefit plans such as the processing of retirement plans and flexible spending accounts. Many employee benefit plans have highly technical aspects and difficult administration that can make using Benefit & Risk Management Services more cost effective than doing the same processing in house.

Vbas Online Benefit Administration

online benefit enrollment softwareVbas (Virtual Benefits Administration System) is a proprietary, secure web application that conveniently manages employee benefit data online.

Standard Vbas service includes Centralized Benefit Information & Data Management, Carrier EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Online Communication, Automated Eligibility, Online Open Enrollment, Employee Self-Service, Reporting, and Consolidated Billing.

Claims Administration

Claims AdministrationFrom receipt to eligibility to negotiation and payment, we handle the entire claims administration process.

Completely centralized, all claims, medical management, PPO network management and billing is managed in-house, allowing us to provide you with flexible and quick service with a personal touch.

FSA and HRA Administration

FSA and HRA AdministrationNobody knows more about saving benefit dollars than BRMS. We help you develop and administer Flexible Spending, Health Spending, and Health Reimbursement Accounts - tax-effective choices for managing health-related expenses to reduce both your and your employees' healthcare expenses.

COBRA/ HIPAA Administration

COBRA/ HIPAA AdministrationAt BRMS, we are your remedy to complex laws and burdening healthcare legislation that can interfere with your core business.

We employ seasoned COBRA- and HIPAA-educated professionals to perform appropriate administrative and compliance tasks to protect your organization - and we do it with friendly, prompt customer service.

TPA Auditing Services

TPA Auditing ServicesWhen you choose BRMS as your TPA, we can collect and review your previous TPA's data, audit claim activity for accuracy, and reimburse recovered funds.

Claim procedure auditing on prior administrators determines compliance, assesses timeliness of claims payment, determines monetary penalties, evaluates accuracy of payments, and assesses for potential fraudulent and abusive claim submissions, duplicates and other errors.

Customer Support Call Center

Customer Support Call CenterAccessible via a toll-free number, 11 hours a day, our Call Center representatives can answer any employer or employee benefits questions on any data that is housed in Vbas.

All our customer support representatives are based in-house and fully integrated, with regular interaction at all levels to insure we are all working together as one united team.

Commuter Benefits

Commuter BenefitsAs fuel costs continue to be high, employees are looking for ways to save on their commutes to work.

Transportation Reimbursement Accounts are a valuable employee benefit as they help employees save time and money when they use public transit for their commute to work. Plus, they help save the environment.

Affordable Care Act Support

ACA SupportHours Tracking and 6055/6056 Reporting. Tracking your employees' time worked and calculating both full-time employees and full-time equivalents is integral to your employer status, which will determine your responsibility as an employer to provide affordable healthcare coverage.

Improve your company's timekeeping process by transitioning from a manual method to an automated solution that will help you meet ACA guidelines.

Benefit Administration and Online Solutions for Union Organizations

ACA SupportBRMS assists Unions in providing their members easy, online access to their benefit information by offering an Online Enrollment Platform, Union Website Development and Maintenance as well as the Call Center Support.

Improve your company's online presence and stay in touch with Union members by displaying benefits, claims and pension information custom to each member behind a secure login.

Total Rewards Dashboard

Total Rewards DashboardThe Total Rewards Dashboard allows employees to view their total compensation online, anytime. Features include: single sign-on through Vbas, interactive dashboard, displays all components of employee compensation and benefits, provides real time information.