Reduce your healthcare costs - not your benefits

Risk Management to Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

With insurance premiums continuing to increase, you may be tempted to cut back on your company's benefits.

Before you renew plans with increased co-pays, higher deductibles or reduced benefit coverage, learn how BRMS' Risk Management Services can make your employee benefits more effective and affordable.

We can help you analyze your current plan and design a customized employee benefit program that is tailored to your needs.

Risk Assessment and Insurance Underwriting

Risk Assessment and Insurance UnderwritingBenefit and Risk Management Services specializes in asset protection and cost containment - proactively identifying and controlling your healthcare risk.

We excel in alternative strategies to manage your risk, such as self-funding, expert underwriting and placement of reinsurance and stop-loss (if required), and affordable fully-insured coverage with leading healthcare insurance providers.

Protect Your Investment with BRMS Medical Management

We have a unique approach to medical management. We begin by building a partnership with our clientele, thoroughly analyzing and understanding the unique challenges they face. We then apply cutting-edge cost containment methods, reducing costs while maintaining a quality employee benefits program.

We provide comprehensive medical management services through a professional staff of physicians and nurses who are highly qualified in cost management issues including quality assurance standards.

Medical Management and Utilization Review

BRMS Utilization ReviewBRMS' Utilization Review program combines the expertise of registered nurse reviewers to ensure you are optimizing your benefits plan. BRMS works with board certified Medical Directors and practicing physicians to help direct patients and providers toward the most cost-effective, quality-driven treatment available.

Our Utilization Review services use established national medical guidelines to evaluate the medical necessity for hospitalizations, outpatient services and appropriateness of overall treatment plans.

Stay on Top of Your Medical Management with Data Warehousing   Reporting

Data Warehousing & ReportingBRMS' reports identify trends in healthcare spending (a macro view) as well as opportunities for specific, member-level care improvement/cost avoidance (a micro view). We provide guidance for evaluating health plan performance, benefit planning, areas of cost avoidance, and clinical intervention opportunities.

Our reports include a summary of your health plan, its membership, and the complex array of clinical and medical resources that serve that membership. These reports provide meaningful insights into how benefit plan design can be positively impacted.

National PPO Network Management

PPO Network ManagementBRMS provides access to the most comprehensive Preferred Provider Networks nationwide. We provide or maintain networks by contracting with high volume providers identified by the client or by geographic location.

With access to various networks across the nation, we ensure you have the best access and best provider reimbursement rates and access fees to maximize plan savings. In addition, we establish discounts with those providers who are not preferred through contact and negotiation on individual claims.