Data Warehousing & Reporting

Stay on Top of Your Medical Management
with Data Warehousing & Reporting

BRMS' reports identify trends in healthcare spending (a macro view) as well as opportunities for specific, member level care improvement/cost avoidance (a micro view).

We provide guidance for evaluating health plan performance, benefit planning, areas of cost avoidance and clinical intervention opportunities.

Our reports include a summary of your health plan, its membership, and the complex array of clinical and medical resources that serve that membership. These reports provide meaningful insights into how benefit plan design can be positively impacted.

A sampling of the reports BRMS can provide include:

  • Medical Management Summary of Findings
  • Claims Expense Distribution
  • Membership Overview
  • Summary of Plan Costs
  • Hospital Admission Analysis
  • Health Plan Key Metrics Analysis
  • Prescription Utilization
  • In-Network/Out-of-Network Provider Analysis
  • Case Management Cost Avoidance Opportunities
  • Large Claims Summary
  • Medical Management Quality & Risk Measure Analysis
  • Chronic Conditions Utilization Analysis
  • Medical Management Risk Index Analysis

This program also incorporates the latest in query and analytical tools that allow more specific ad hoc reports on your employee benefits programs. Our IT team can help you to design a customized report to fit your particular needs.

Our data warehouse and enhanced reporting program also allow pre-schedule reports to be auto-delivered to the destination(s) of your choice. All standard and recurring reports are delivered to you through the auto-scheduler function, ensuring you receive prompt delivery.