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BRMS Client Perspective

At BRMS, building trusted and valued relationships is our top priority. This dedication to client services is reflected in the positive feed back of our most valued asset, our clients.

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"This has been the best implementation that I have ever been involved with, and I have seven years of back-end systems and implementation experience. So seamless, so smooth - we are very impressed with the talent, dedication and particularly the expertise of the people at BRMS."

"Treasury Wine Estates
(formerly Beringer Blass Wine Estates),
Napa Valley, California

"BRMS saved us over $400,000 right out of the gate, and we continue to save using their impeccable service."

Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District,
El Cajon, California

"BRMS team - thank you all for everything you've done to prepare for today... I'm very happy with the overall design, set up and functionality. Your efforts in building the system correctly from the ground up show, and you've been incredibly responsive and accommodating to our feedback. I look forward to a successful open enrollment and our continued partnership..."

Don Frisbie, Director at Charlotte Russe,
San Francisco, California

"As a result [of using Vbas], we were able to make better benefit decisions and cut our administration costs in half."

Stockton Unified School District,
Stockton, California

"Our benefit office recommends partnering with BRMS. We feel the cost of the system will be covered by savings in many areas: reduced overpayments for deceased retirees and overage students, reduced load on accounting, benefit and payroll and better decisions on benefit selection."

Sacramento City Unified School District,
Sacramento, California

"We are confident that each claim is thoroughly examined and payment is valid. How do we know this? The cost savings are phenomenal. We are saving at least half a million dollars each year with BRMS."

Bellflower Unified School District,
Bellflower California